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RAPID CLOSE Title Agent Resources

RAPID CLOSE Title Agent Resources
Rapid Close Title Agent Resources

RAPID CLOSETM Title Agent Resources

Make your closing a success.

  • Receive Automated Email: Once the closing package has been prepared by our closing team, we'll send you a link through Notarize ( to access the closing package.
  • Access Documents: The secure unique access link sent to your email allows your team to access the documents through the Notarize portal with a single click.  There's no need to create a Notarize account just to participate in our RAPID CLOSETM transaction.
  • Document Updates: As documents are revised and updated by the closing team, we'll automatically recall the previous package and send you a link to the new documents within about 15 minutes.  Be sure to always use the link from the most recent email you received for the loan when accessing the documents.
  • Review Documents: Prior to the day of closing, you'll be able to review and download the documents as needed.  And on the day of closing, the portal will provide real-time status on the eSign portion of the closing so that you know what to expect when the borrower arrives.
  • Download and Print Docs: On the day of closing, you'll use the "Print documents for wet sign" button in your portal to view, download and print a merged pdf of the wet sign documents.
  • Verify Docs: Check the portal to see if all eligible eSign docs have been signed prior to closing.  If they haven't been eSigned yet, you can still walk the borrower through eSigning on their mobile device, or you can download the eSign docs using the "Print eSign" button and have the borrower wet sign them instead. 
  • eSign Docs Auto-Returned: The eSign documents are automatically sent back to us by Notarize as soon as they are completed, so you only have to worry about returning the handful of wet sign documents.
  • Upload Wet Sign Docs: Once all wet sign docs are completed, scan and securely return them to our HomeServices Lending closer, and mail the physical copies back to us as usual.


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